Kelvin Claridge

With successful tenures as a leader and individual contributor in customer success, account management, sales, support, technical and professional services around the world - I believe that the truth at the heart of each of these functions is the same, customers need to be more than happy to renew and grow.

I am passionate about helping organisations to live customer-centric values and helping customers and colleagues close the gap to wildly successful with heart, skill and experience. As a proven executive leader with experience leading PE exits, massive retention turnarounds and scaling new products, I've seen first hand that the customer agenda, is the commercial agenda and is the agenda that drives successful business.

I have always worked with data-led services and technologies and have made career out of helping mature B2B companies to make a change, make a start or make something big happen.











dept ROI

YoY c60 FTE dept


1 year

additive revenues



for ten years


billable utilisation



for ten years

+65 pts


to sustained +55

"Kelvin is an exceptional leader, showcasing a skill skill set characterised by empathy, intelligence and insightful decision making."

- Account Director, Spotler

"Kelvin took a personal interest in my growth, offering guidance and feedback that helped me refine my skills and continually progress. His mentorship was key in my professional development and played a pivotal role in my career.""

- Head of Customer Success, Spotler

Director of Customer Success, Lead Forensics

Lead the global customer success organisation and improved retention for the market leading provider of website traffic identification and CRO solutions. Spearheaded exciting customer intelligence and operations projects including establishment of on-boarding and digital CS functions as well as managing multiple large teams in the UK and US.

Director of Customer Success, Pure360

United customer experience, service delivery and growth under shared leadership for the independent marketing automation, personalisation and data aggregation platform. Instigated and nurtured the flagship analytics solution. Restructured the commercial, professional & technical services, support and analytics departments to turnaround failing retention rates and deliver a successful exit.

Global Account Director, Global Data

Group lead for the world's largest advisory, investment and marketing groups (incl Deloitte, Bank of America ML and WPP). Built new revenue streams and managed a team with talent in the UK, US and Singapore defining and delivering a proposition and customer experience for the newly combined GlobalData brand.

Account Consultant, Kantar Media

High performing enterprise account manager, designed and managed reputation intelligence and media evaluation solutions for some of the largest communications agencies in the world. I still speak to accounts I served in this post. Post-exit, acted as combined product expert, manager and training lead for junior team members. Managed the CIPR partnership for many years, presenting to audiences of up to 2,000 shared peers at more than 70 high-profile events.

New Business Manager, Precise Media

Quota beating sales rep. Specialised in consolidating partnerships with regional communications agencies.

Account manager, Precise Media

Supported and specced data and measurement products as part of the team responsible for some of the world's largest corporates (incl Shell, Vodafone and BAE Systems).

"He has a natural ability to forge strong relationships. I have learned so much from his consultative approach."

- Commercial Director, Hanson Wade

"His attention to detail and follow-up is outstanding and his performance was pivotal to our success."

- Sales Director, Clipability

"He uses intelligence and creativity to generate consistent success and provide his clients with what they need."

- VP Sales, Informa

"People oriented and data savvy, Kelvin made an extremely positive impact with his commitment to customers, colleagues and integrity"

- CEO, Pure360